Red Brittle Starfish (Ophiocoma paucigranulata)

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The Red Brittle Starfish is a tremendous scavenger that makes a great addition to any tank. They come in colors of black, brown, and a combination of the two. Their flexible arms are lined with many spines that allows them to move.
COMMON NAME: Red Brittle Starfish
SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Ophiocoma paucigranulata
SIZE AVAILABLE:  ~3 inches
MINIMUM TANK SIZE:  20 gallons
FOOD/DIET:  Omnivore
CARE LEVEL:  Moderately Easy
AVAILABILITY:  Most always available - 99%
*Typically 4-6 inches in diameter & eat detritus
*Keep inaccessible areas clean as well as stirring and aerate the sand bed in hard to reach areas.
*Recommended stocking is 1 per 20 gallons.