Caulerpa Cupressoides Macro Algae - sm

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Caulerpa Cupressoides is similar to Grape Caulerpa - however it has a fern type root structure and shoots that have a sturdy plant/bush like makeup. The additional fact worth noting is that Caulerpa Cupressoides is less aggressive in nature as Grape Caulerpa, which makes it a good option for inside the Display Tank for additional reef diversity.

It is a good nutrient uptake macroalgae, but not as proficient as Grape Caulerpa due to its slower growth.

  • COMMON NAME:  Caulerpa Cupressoide
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caulerpa Cupressoide
  • SIZE AVAILABLE: Significant root structure to be planted with 3-4 plant stalks
  • MINIMUM TANK SIZE:  20 gallons
  • FOOD/DIET:  Nitrates
  • CARE LEVEL:  Moderate
  • REEF SAFE:  Yes
  • AVAILABILITY:  Most always available - 80%


***Due to California state regulations, does not ship Caulerpa to the state of California.