Amphipods & Copepods - 1000

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Live Copepods for Sale & Amphipods make Great Fish and Coral Food


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What are Copepods?


Copepods comprise 80% of the animal mass in water columns around the world. In marine environments, copepods have ~150 unique species. A copepod is a major part of the diet of many fish, seabirds, many other planktonic species as well as some great whales. The word copepod means "oar-feet" derived from the propulsion method used by the copepod to move through the water column. From copepod species which drift through the water column called planktonic where as some species are benthic, indicating they live on the ocean floor.


Copepods vary considerably in size however most are 1-2 mm with large antennae on a tear shaped body. Like other invertebrates, they have a hard exoskeleton; however the copepod exoskeleton is transparent.


Copepods eat phytoplankton found in the water column, invisible to the naked eye. Benthic copepods live on the ocean floor, eat organic detritus or the bacteria that grow in it with their mouth parts which have adapted for scraping and biting (this is the type we sell & they are ideal for a refugium or a tank with live rock).



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What are Amphipods?  Read more about Amphipods here.




  • We have no way of determining what percentage will be amphipods or copepods or what you are more likely to receive (amphipods or copepods).
  • Pods are small - some are very small - especially if they are "toddlers".
  • You will not be able to count them - as we are unable to count them for each and every order - due to their size and speed.
  • To ensure that you get what you pay for, we use a measurement that has been counted and observed for a greater portion that 1000 per bag. To confirm, please observe the shear amount of life in the bag you receive after you gently thump the bag with your finger.
  • The transport media will literally crawl with life, so enjoy and please us know immediately if there is an issue with your shipment.